6 Mother’s Day Gifts with a Difference

Mother and son sitting and embracing in grass by a lake in the even sunshine.

Ah, Mother’s Day. A once a year opportunity to inflict a dodgy bouquet and dated card on mammy while mumbling something about doing the washing up if you get a chance. She’s better than that, you’re better than that and, let’s face it, both of you are hoping you’ll do better than that. This year, why not think outside the box of chocolates and show your mum that you really do care. Have a look through our list of Mother’s Day gifts that shake things up a little. Just don’t think this gets you out of having to do those dishes.

The Great Escape

Who doesn’t love a chance to switch off for a few hours and get away from it all? Mothers, that’s who. She may protest that she has too much to do, there’s no one to feed the cat/goldfish or there’s not enough time to prepare, but whisking your mum away for a night or two could well be one of the sweetest things you could possibly do for her. It’s not easy, finding the right weekend, the right location, the right planetary alignment - or whatever it takes to pull it off - but making some memories with the mammy is a win-win for you both.

Custom-Made is Always Right


Ok, so few women will turn their noses up at jewellery, but there’s something particularly special about receiving a custom-made piece. A pendant etched with her kids’ fingerprints, a bangle engraved with her favourite quote, a pair of earrings set with her birthstone; there’s an almost limitless selection of personalized jewelry available from online marketplaces and local artisans. Not only will your mum treasure it for years, she’ll be reminded of your gesture every time she wears it. So she might actually let you off for losing her brooch when you were eight.

The Getaway

Too broke, time-poor or late to plan a weekend away? Then how about grabbing mum for an afternoon and going overboard on the indulgence? A fancy restaurant (or local cafe with fancy cakes), a stunning hike (or nearby amble), and plenty of photographs (selfie-sticks at the ready) make for a fun day you can both relax into. Planning something in advance for you both to enjoy shows you cared enough to bother. Mama always told you it was the thought that counts, so make it really count with an afternoon filled with well thought out activities.

A Touch of Class

Remember all the “oohs” and “aahs” your mother enthusiastically lavished on each and every one of your artistic masterpieces when you were growing up? Well, it’s payback time. Whether it’s a creative writing class because she always told the best stories or dance lessons so she can shake what her momma gave her, helping her uncover a new hobby is a gift she’ll never forget. Check out local listings for taster sessions if funds are a little low or go all out with a full term of lessons. Either way, start practicing your “wow-wee!” early.

Pamper with a Hamper

Forget the cellophane wrapped baskets of saccharine smellies - instead put together a cleverly themed hamper that she’ll really love. How about a day-off-in-a-box; her most beloved books, fancy jammies, an eye-pack and some of her favourite snacks? A movie night box could include her guilty-pleasure movie, some gourmet popcorn and cola, and a plush blanket (for when she inevitably falls asleep). Think of how she treats herself and buy her the treats that will make her me-time a little more indulgent.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Subscription boxes make wonderful gifts for people who are enthusiastic about, well, practically anything. Think of something mam loves, multiply it by 12 and have a different version of it delivered to her every month. A good cuppa? Sure, try a new artisanal tea flavour arriving every month. Some pretty makeup? Yep, there are numerous companies that offer a selection of cosmetics through the postbox every month. Wine, socks, nail polish, plants, books, puzzles, noodles, Hyyge? There’s a subscription for each and every one of those. So, sometimes thinking inside the box isn’t such a bad idea.

Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

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