Making an International Payment with AIB: How Long It Takes and How Much It Costs

Two ways you can make your international payment

01 Oct 2018

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Need to make a payment to someone outside Ireland? Never fear, we’ve taken the hassle out of International Payments with a range of convenient products which make it simple to transfer money anywhere in the world. We want the process to be as easy on you (and your pocket) as possible, so read on for a simple guide to times and charges for our International Payment products.

What time will I need to submit my payment by?

The cut-off times for processing a payment are based on the currency selected and the payment product selected. You can see the cut-off times on our international payments website. But don’t worry if you submit a payment after the cut-off time, any late applications will be processed on the next business day.

How much does a payment cost?

There are two payment options available via AIB Internet Banking: Standard and Urgent. The table below breaks down the charges for our International Payment products.


Who pays the cost of the payment?

Remember, making International Payments online using AIB Internet Banking is cheaper and more convenient than making paper-based International Payments through the branch.

Depending on the payment currency, destination and the channel used, the cost of an International Payment may be charged either to the Sender (OUR) or is shared between the Sender and the Receiver (SHA).

If you are using AIB Internet Banking, you’ll only be able to send payments using the “SHA’ charging option.

How long will it take to process my payment?

In a hurry? We always aim to make the transfer process as quick as possible, but the execution period for an outgoing payment will vary depending on whether you’ve selected standard or urgent processing.

Paylink Euro - If you choose urgent, execution will take a minimum of same business day and at most 1 business day, subject to cut-off times. If you select the standard option, execution will take a maximum of one business day.

Paylink - If you’re using the Urgent option, execution will take a minimum of same business day and at most four business days depending on the currency. If you select the standard option, execution will take a minimum of two business days and at most four business days.

For the full breakdown of expected execution times to various countries around the world, go to ‘What are the currency cut-off times for International Payments?’ on AIB Internet Banking.

How are exchange rates calculated?

If a transaction in or out of your account is in a different currency, we will need to perform a conversion. You can check out the latest exchange rates in any of our branches and indicative rates are provided online when using AIB Internet Banking. These rates are subject to change, but we’ll always aim to give you the best rate possible.

Need some help making an International Payment?

If you have any questions that aren’t covered above, you can find out more at our International Payments page or check out the FAQs.



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