Making an International Payment Online: Checking the Status of Your Payment

Check payment status of AIB international payment

01 Oct 2018

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Sending or receiving an International Payment with AIB? If you want to check the status of your payment, there are a few things you should be aware of. Read on to find out how to check the progress of your payment and what to do in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

How Do I View the Status of a Payment?

You can view the status of an electronic payment on AIB Internet Banking by selecting ‘Payment History’ under ‘Pay & Transfer’. The various statuses and their explanations are detailed below:

  • Pending – We’ve received the payment but processing of the payment has not started.
  • Processing – We’ve received the payment and started processing it. The payment is awaiting confirmation.
  • Complete - The payment has been processed and released by AIB. However, this does not mean that the funds have been credited to the receiver's account by the receiving bank.
  • Rejected - The payment has been rejected.

What Do I Do If My Payment Has Been Rejected?

If you see a “Rejected” status on your International Payment, don’t be worried. Just call us on 0818 7424724 and we’ll be able to tell you why the payment was rejected e.g. wrong country code. Alternatively, you can try to process the payment again yourself making sure you include the correct information.

Can I Reuse a Payment I've Made in the Past?

A payment can be reused if you’ve transferred to that account within the last six months. Just select “Payment History” on AIB Internet Banking, and then for any payment which has the “Complete” status, click the “Reuse” button, double checking the BIC and IBAN of the receiver’s account.

In order to reuse a payment, you may need to supply us with some important pieces of information: the account you wish to debit to make the payment, the purpose of the payment, the amount of the payment, and the message to appear on your statement and you will need your Card Reader. This cannot be done via AIB Mobile Banking..

Can I Cancel a Payment?

Once AIB have executed your payment, unfortunately it can’t be cancelled. But if you want to request a recall, we’ll do our utmost to help you. Please be aware, if you wish to recall a payment that’s been confirmed through AIB Internet Banking, the receiver will need to authorise their bank to debit the funds from their account. And remember, if you recall a payment, you may incur some exchange rate losses or the deduction of fees and charges by the receiver’s bank.

Why Has My Payment Taken Longer Than Expected?

Although we always try to execute payments in a timely fashion, please be aware that we cannot absolutely guarantee our minimum execution times. Due to local banking practices in certain areas of the world such as Africa, South America, the Caribbean and areas of the Middle East and Asia, our delivery times and service may vary. You can see the specific cut-off times on our website.

Need Some Help Making an International Payment?

If you have a query about International Payments that isn’t covered above, you can find out more at our International Payments page or tweet us @AskAIB.


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