International Payments

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When you need to make an international payment you want to be sure that it will reach the receiver efficiently and cost effectively.

For payments within  SEPA zone, an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) should always be included on the payment instruction to ensure that the payment is delivered in the most effective and cost efficient way for SEPA payments. For SEPA payments you will need to provide the IBAN. BIC is no longer mandatory for SEPA payments.


For Non-SEPA payments, the use of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and SWIFT Address/Bank Identifier Code (BIC) should always be included on the payment instruction.

You can make International Payments online using AIB Internet Banking which is secure, cheaper and more convenient than making paper based International Payments through the branch. To view a demo of online International Payments please view our 'Related Information' section. It couldn't be simpler! If you are not an AIB Internet Banking customer and wish to avail of this service please register for AIB Internet Banking.

Alternatively you can complete the relevant International Payment Application Form (Paylink or Paylink Euro) and submit it through your branch for processing. Your choice of Paylink or Paylink Euro Application Form is dependent on the currency and destination of the payment. Guidance notes and other relevant International Payment information are provided on these standard application forms which are available in our 'Related Information' section.

Please note that these forms are updated from time to time. To ensure you are using the correct version, please download the form from our website on each occasion you wish to make an International Payment.


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