Credit Transfer


What is a Credit Transfer?

This is when we transfer money, under your instruction, from your account to another account.

Different Types of Credit Transfer AIB provide?

International Payments

Make payments from your own accounts in all major currencies to most destinations worldwide on a standard or urgent basis using these options via internet banking, self-service kiosk or in branch. The forms below can be completed before being printed and signed, this can help with accuracy and legibility of your payment instruction.

Under International Payment, we provide two different products. Please ensure you are using the correct form by reading the Terms & Conditions on the back of each document.

  • Paylink Euro allows you to transfer Euro on a Standard or Urgent basis within SEPA countries.

  • Paylink allows you to transfer in all major currencies to most destinations worldwide on a standard or urgent basis, excluding Euro payments allowed through Paylink Euro.

For more information on the product features and charges, please click here.

SEPA / Domestic Credit Transfer

EPA / Domestic Credit transfer means we can transfer money, on the instruction of the customer, from the customer's account to another account within Ireland, including us.

Different types of domestic credit transfer you can make via electronic channels:

  • Between my Accounts allows you to transfer funds between your AIB ROI Euro Accounts.

  • To another Irish Account allows you to transfer funds from your AIB ROI Accounts to Third Party AIB Bank ROI Accounts or to Third Party Accounts in other financial institutions, within Ireland.

  • Bill Payment A range of Bill Payment options is available to allow you to easily pay Utility and Credit Card Bills, up to 28 days in advance.
  • Non-Domestic SEPA credit transfers can be made from any AIB branch or Internet Banking.

Domestic transfer can be initiated via internet banking, self-service Kiosk, Mobile banking or in a branch. For charges, please click here and for cut off time, please click here.

Payments Enhancements 2019/2020

We are currently in the process of upgrading our payment engine which will have a number of enhancements that you may see. The changes will be introduced on a phased basis.

Your Rights when making Payments in Europe