Central Credit Register


The Central Credit Register (CCR) collects information from banks and other financial institutions on credit and credit applications of €500 or more. The CCR gives consumers more information on their financial profile, and gives the Central Bank of Ireland insights into national trends.


You can read more information about the CCR and may ask for a copy of your individual credit report at www.centralcreditregister.ie.


For more information about the CCR please see the Central Bank of Ireland's Central Credit Register Factsheet


If you wish to apply for an AIB credit product you may need to provide us with an original or electronic version (for example a PDF or photo) of a documents showing both your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) and full name.


Which documents are acceptable?


  • P60

  • P45

  • P21

  • Payslip

  • Tax Assessment

  • Notice of Tax Credits

  • Receipt of Social Welfare payment

  • Medical Card

  • Drug Payment Scheme (DPS) card

  • Correspondence from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection or the Revenue Commissioners addressed to you showing your PPSN


If you do not have a PPSN, you will need to provide us with an original or electric version (for example a PDF or photo) of a document showing both your Tax Reference Number (TRN) and full name, for example:


  • Tax clearance certificate from the Revenue Commissioners

  • Any other tax reference documentation issued by the Revenue Commissioners

  • Other relevant tax authority in respect of that tax type


We are required by law to collect and verify your PPSN / TRN as this is required by the Central Bank of Ireland's Central Credit Register for customer identification.


Please ensure that:


  • The uploaded or scanned document is legible

  • The original or electronic version of the document you provide is one of the documents listed above which notes your PPSN/TRN and your full name.


Please note that:


  • If you are unable to provide a document to verify your PPSN/TRN at the time of application, you may need to provide it before you can avail of your credit or in the case of your mortgage application, before you obtain a mortgage loan offer

  • AIB cannot legally use a Public Service Card for PPSN verification.


How do I provide AIB with this document?


  1. You can visit any AIB branch and provide a paper copy of your document.

  2. From September 2018, if registered for Online Banking, you can simply upload a PDF or photo of your document by selecting Verify PPSN on the Services & Settings menu.