GB Pound Sterling & US Dollar Note Order Form

Please note that FX Services in branches are ONLY available to AIB account holders.

This form should be used for GB Pound Sterling and US Dollar note orders only and is subject to a maximum of €1,000 or foreign currency equivalent. For all other currency orders, please visit your local branch to place your order or click here to download the form.

Orders placed before 3:30pm will be available for collection the next working day.

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(Maximum €1,000)

Please note, orders over €1,000, or foreign currency equivalent, cannot be submitted online. Please select an alternative amount or contact your local branch to place your order.

Please Note:

This is an indicative value only, based on current exchange rate. The actual value will be calculated at the time of collection based on the exchange rate applicable at that time.

Note: Based on the equivalent foreign currency denominations available, your foreign currency order will be rounded to the nearest available denomination.

Commission is charged at rate of 1% of euro value of the foreign currency order value (minimum charge €1.27 - maximum charge €6.35).

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By providing your contact details in this form you are confirming your consent to be contacted by us in relation to your request.

The information supplied by you on this form will be held and used solely by AIB for the purposes of responding to your request.

Important Notes


The exchange rate applied to your online GB Pound Sterling or US Dollar note order, will be the appropriate rate on the day the foreign currency note order is collected and paid for at your selected branch.

If order is placed before 3.30pm, order will be available for collection the next working day. [If you require your USD or GBP notes prior to this, please visit your local Branch where you may purchase the notes subject to availability.]

If order is not collected within 3 working days then we cannot guarantee your chosen amount of USD or GBP will be available for collection and you may be required to re-order.

When visiting the branch to collect your order, please let the staff member know that you have pre-ordered online.

Please note the completion of this currency order form does not oblige either you or AIB to proceed with the transaction.