Saving and investing

Putting money away is a step towards feeling secure about the future.

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We'll help you choose the best option for you

 Not many people feel they’ve done enough to feel secure.

 The first step is putting money away. Whether that’s a small amount saved each month, or something bigger that you can leave to grow for a while, we have flexible savings options.

 But investing either a lump sum or regular amount could help you reach a financial goal sooner.

 If you’re curious about investing, read on to discover how 360 Invest could help your money work harder for you, or book a call with one of our advisors.

 If you’re set on a savings or a deposit account click here to take a look at what we can offer.

Make your money work with 360 Invest

We’ll help you feel more certain about what you’re doing with your money.

Take control over your money

 If you have some extra money and you think it can work harder for you, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the options out there. Yes, there are risks with investing, but by talking to one of our financial advisors you’ll have all the information you need to take control.

 It doesn’t cost anything to talk to one of our financial advisors. But when you do, they’ll cut through the jargon and present some ideas that suit what you want your money to do.

Two young children in vegetable garden holding up little houses.
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How does it work?

The AIB life 360 Invest policy is an investment policy that’s flexible enough to match what you want.

There’s two ways you can add money to your account:

 Single Contribution: Pay a lump sum when you first open the account or later down the line if you like what you see or;

 Regular Contribution: Pay a regular amount from the start.

What happens to your money

 When you open an account your money buys into a fund where other people like you are already investing.

 We make it easy to spread your money across a range of areas. One fund might track bonds, which are loans to a government or a company in return for interest payments. Other funds focus on shares in tech and energy companies for example, while others concentrate on property. Many of our funds track a mix of shares, bonds and other asset types.

 Our financial advisors will advise you about the likely risk and return on each fund, so you’ll know what you can expect.

Two young children in vegetable garden holding up little houses.
Two young children in vegetable garden holding up little houses.

What you need to know

360 Invest is available:

 To people living in Ireland aged between 18 and 74.

 For an initial lump sum investment of at least €20,000 or €125 per month.

 To those comfortable taking some level of risk with this money and putting it away for at least five years.

Book a talk with one of our financial advisors, or you can find out more about 360 Invest here.

What to expect when you talk to us

It’s the first step to feeling more secure.


It's one to one

Tech is great - but for some things in life we just want to speak to a human being. You can pop into one of our branches or talk on the phone - the choice is yours.


What we'll cover

It takes three minutes to set up a time to talk to us. Between us we’ll decide what to cover - then we’ll set time to get into the details. It takes about 40 minutes to cover it all. Smart ways to plug gaps in income, green ways to invest and comfortable ways to retire.


What happens next

It can be a lot to take in. Don’t worry - you’ve time. We’ll email you the details of what we’ve talked about. And we’ll only be a phone call or email away if you’ve any questions.

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