Savings and Deposits

We’re ready to help you start saving today.

AIB has a savings account for every type of saver. So whether you are saving for something in particular, have a lump sum to put away, or just want to build an ‘emergency fund’ to give yourself a little peace of mind, we can help. We’ll put together a savings plan that’s easily managed and that works for you. Talk to us today.

Regular Savers

Online Saver

Saving is the best way to prepare for their future – and let you rest a little easier. 

Demand Products

Demand Deposit (Available only to Sole Traders)

Earn interest while having the ability to withdraw your money on demand.

Personal Demand Deposit

Enjoy the ease and convenience of managing your savings online, all while having instant access to your money.

Notice Deposits

Online Notice Deposit 7

For lump sum savings online with an attractive rate of interest.

Junior Saver/Student Saver

Junior Saver

Start saving now. Little by little it all adds up!

Student Saver

By starting to save now, and by putting a small amount aside regularly, you can save for special occasions.

Currency Deposit

Currency Deposit

Our Currency Deposit Accounts offer a way to earn interest on your lump sum in a foreign currency.

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