How to Minimise Transaction Fees

  • Use your AIB Debit card when you are making purchases in euro. It is more economical than writing cheques or making paper cash withdrawals.

  • When you use your AIB Debit card and request cashback as part of the same transaction, you pay for only one transaction rather than two. (The cashback facility is at the discretion of the retailer.)

  • Use AIB Phone & Internet Banking* to pay bills, transfer funds from one account to another or check the balance and transactions on your account. This is less expensive than cheques or paper withdrawals and more convenient.

  • Alternatively you can now pay a wide range of bills by direct debit for example; utilities, insurance, mortgages, subscriptions etc. This will save you money and ensure that your bills are always paid on time.

  • You may incur an unpaid charge if cheques, direct debits or standing orders, presented for payment on your account, are returned unpaid because of insufficient balance on the account (unpaid items). There may be other reasons for this, for example where a cheque hasn’t been signed. Avoid this by ensuring you have enough money in your account before your payment is taken so you don’t incur an unpaid charge. Learn more about Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

  • Use your AIB Debit card for euro cash withdrawals. This is cheaper than cheques or paper withdrawals and more convenient (please note some ATM providers may charge an additional fee for this service).

  • Use an AIB Credit card to pay for goods and services in over 40,000 outlets in Ireland. When you receive your credit card statement, you can clear your account using AIB Phone & Internet Banking* or by direct debit.

  • Standing Orders can be set-up, amended and cancelled free of charge via AIB Phone & Internet Banking.

*AIB Phone & Internet Banking includes AIB Phone Banking, AIB Internet Banking (AIB Tablet Banking and AIB Mobile Banking)

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