Mortgages FAQs

Mortgages FAQs


Can I make an Overpayment on my Mortgage?

How do I know how much to save to buy a home?

I have inherited/been gifted a property, am I a First Time Buyer?

Can a site be used as a deposit for a mortgage?

How does AIB calculate how much I can borrow?

What proof of income is required?

What else do I need to know when applying for a mortgage?

Why do I need to provide my PPSN /TRN number when I’m applying for a mortgage?

What do Lenders look for in my bank statements when applying for a loan/mortgage?

I am a First Time Buyer – what documentation do I need to supply with my mortgage application?

I am self-employed/company director – can I get a mortgage?

I have a site and am planning to build my own home can I get a mortgage?

What kind of Insurance do I need to take out with a mortgage?

What is the difference between the Interest Rate and the APR?

What other costs may be associated with purchasing a property?

What Interest Rate options does AIB offer?

How can I get the Green 5 Year Fixed rate?

Can I move to a lower Loan to Value (LTV) band on my PDH Mortgage?


What is a Foreign Currency Mortgage?

I’ve heard of the Government’s Help to Buy Incentive. Where can I find out more?

What is a Payment Break?

What is a Deferred Start?

How long will it take for my loan application to be assessed?


How long does Approval in Principle last?


Can I get a comparison of my current interest rate and an alternative interest rate on my mortgage?

What is Fixed Rate Mortgage breakage costs?

Can I Change the Date my Mortgage is Paid?

Can I Reduce the Term of my Mortgage?

Can I change the Account my Mortgage is Paid From?

How Much do I Owe on my Mortgage?


How do I find my Employment Detail Summary for my Mortgage application?


In our Mortgage checklist we need to provide certified accounts – what are these?


How can I get the Higher Value 4 Year Fixed rate?  


Additional information relating to switching lender or changing mortgage type can be found on the website

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