What is a Revenue form 11?


The Form 11 is the document you or your accountant uses to make your annual tax return to Revenue. Once you have sent this to Revenue they will acknowledge your tax return. This is the document we need require for your mortgage application – the Revenue Acknowledged Form 11.

You need a Form 11 for your mortgage application as Revenue’s official record of the income you have declared to them. It also shows how much tax you have paid.

Where your income is not PAYE income, we need two years Form 11s. We also need a copy of your Revenue Charges and Payments statement or a letter from your accountant confirming your tax is up to date.

You need one

  • if you are self-employed
  • if you have rental income
  • where you have any non-PAYE income over €5,000 net or €30,000 gross per annum

The Revenue Acknowledged Form 11 will state at the top of the document ‘Acknowledgement of Income Tax Return and Self-Assessment’. It will also have the year the tax return is for. See example below:


Follow the steps below to find your Form 11:

  1. Sign into ROS (Revenue Online Services)
  2. Select ‘Revenue Record’
  3. Select the document called ‘Form 11’ for the year you require (only click once here)
  4. Select control and P to save the document as a PDF 

Handy link to revenue.ie to help you.

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