Benefits of living greener

Here’s why we all need to adapt greener ways of living.

Two young children in vegetable garden holding up little houses.
 Protect our planet’s finite resources of energy, water and food.
 Support the many species and wildlife that we share our planet with by preserving their environment and ecosystems.
 Create more positive effects on public health such as cleaner air with less pollutants.
 Sustain the gains that we have made for better lives, healthcare, work and education.
 Shape our communities by sharing, giving and supporting one another to achieve a greater level of wellbeing.



Some highlights from Sustainability so far

We started our Sustainability journey in 2014, here are some initiatives from the last few years.

2017:  Following the 2014 AIB Apiary collaboration with Boyne Valley Honey, AIB supported Trinity College Dublin (TCD) on a biodiversity research project to help conserve pollinators, encourage urban planning and beekeeping. 
The collaboration with TCD continues, learn more about it here.
We are continuing to work to make AIB buildings more energy efficient – upgrading boilers, heating systems, air conditioning and LED lighting, to meet our Net Zero 2030 operations target.

2018: We signed the 1st Low Carbon Pledge to reduce emissions by 50% before 2030 and achieved Climate “A” Leadership Rating. We began the removal of disposable coffee cups across AIB and began educating ourselves with the rollout of Recycling and Reuse Workshops for our staff.

2019: We told you about our €5bn Climate Fund to support Ireland’s transition to a low carbon economy. We launched our pledge to DO MORE and our Green Bond Framework. We saw a 33% reduction in waste per employee this year, eliminating 11.5M plastic containers from our waste streams, preventing the generation of 283 tonnes of waste from 2017 - 2019. We introduced systems to reuse water for landscaping and outdoor cleaning.
Click here for more information on how we did this.

2020: We have committed to our own operations being Net Zero by 2030, signed the new Low Carbon Pledge and committed to setting Science Based Targets by 2024. This year we achieved our 33% energy reduction targets and continued with our initiatives to support our commitments to Net Zero.

2021: As leader of the sustainability agenda in Irish financial services we are continuing to make progress in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. In the first 6 months of 2021 over 20% of our new lending was green/transitional, we’ve introduced additional customer supports including a Sustainable Lending Framework and enhanced a number of our partnerships – including FoodCloud, University College Cork and Coillte. We’re also proud to be the first Irish company to commit to using World Economic Forum, Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics in our reporting.





We Pledge To DO MORE

We have been working to build a more sustainable business. We’ve invested in wind energy projects, launched a €10 billion climate action fund and created a Green Mortgage and a Green 5 year fixed rate loan.
And yet, it’s still not enough. And we will keep telling ourselves that every day. We alone are not the solution to climate change, but we are doing everything we can to be a part of it.



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