Going Green quiz

If you'd like to do more about climate change, and you want a good place to start,
try our Going Green quiz.


In just 5 minutes you can find out how to live a little greener.


Step 1

Take part in the quiz and tell us a
little about your green habits today.


Step 2

Get your personalised report and find
out some green tips and tricks.


Step 3

Put them into practice.
Big or small - every action helps.






We Pledge To DO MORE

We have been working to build a more sustainable business. We’ve invested in wind energy projects, launched a €10 billion climate action fund and created a Green Mortgage and a Green 5 year fixed rate loan.
And yet, it’s still not enough. And we will keep telling ourselves that every day. We alone are not the solution to climate change, but we are doing everything we can to be a part of it.




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