What else do I need to know when applying for a mortgage?


After you receive a favourable response a valuation of the property will have to be carried out by a valuer on our residential mortgage valuers panel.

  • This can only be arranged by contacting our Central Valuations Team on 0818 100 051
  • The valuation will cost you €150.00. If this is carried out more than four months before the requested date of drawdown of the loan or of the final stage payment, a re-valuation will be required and this will cost you €65.00.
  • If you are applying for a self-build mortgage, the valuation report must be carried out no more than four months before the date of the letter of loan offer. Each stage payment will only be released on foot of certificates, in the form specified by us. In addition, a final original valuation report must be submitted to us before drawdown of the final stage payment and/or on completion
  • Drawdown will be based on the purchase price or the valuation of the property, whichever is lower
  • We can only lend to people over 18
  • The longest term we will lend over is 35 years (depending on your age)
  • Repayments should be less than 35% of your disposable income
  • Repayments can vary but this depends on the rate you choose

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