Rewarding the savings habit

Saving for something special has its own rewards. With our Student Saver Account, you can put money away easily and get to it whenever you want.

To reward your savings, we will give you a higher interest rate on any balances up to €1,000. Our interest rate for balances you save over €1,000 are lower.

Variable interest will be earned each day and we’ll put it into your account each April and October. 


Student Saver Account

 Save as little or as much as you want    

 Ideal for anyone from 12 to 17

 Competitive interest rates up to €1,000


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What it offers

Easy to use

Whenever you get a bit of extra cash, you can put it into our Student Saver Account – any amount at any time.



You can take out money at any time.

Great Rates

Competitive savings rate to help you make the most out of your money.

How to open a Student Saver Account

You can open the Student Saver Account at any AIB branch. You can only open one Student Saver Account and the account is only available in your own name.

Like opening any account, if you are not currently an AIB customer, you’ll need to prove your identity and address. If you are not 16 yet, your parent or guardian will need to agree to opening the account. They will need to prove your identity, their identity and your address. Find out more here.


Open an account in a branch near you

There is no AIB Debit Card issued with a Student Saver Account.

We don’t charge maintenance or transaction fees on a Student Saver Account. For certain customer requests there may be service charges. For more information on fees see "A Guide to Fees and Charges for Personal Accounts".

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Important information

AER is annual equivalent rate. Rates quoted are variable. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT), at the prevailing rate where applicable (for more information please visit:

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