Transaction Limit Information

The total aggregate value of any of the transactions listed in the table below which may be effected by you through AIB Phone and/or Internet Banking in any Business Day is limited to the Daily Limit set out in respect of each transaction in the table below:

Transaction Daily Limit Daily Limit Daily Limit
  Personal Users Business Users** Personal Users (non-P&I-registered, AKA "kiosk only")
Overall cumulative limit* €1,050,000 €1,600,000 €1,050,000
AIB Top Up Service
€50 €50 €50
Pay someone new on the AIB Mobile App (Not available when using the “One Time Login”) €1,000 €1,000  
International Payments (non SEPA) €10,000 €30,000 €5,000
Other Funds Transfers (Payments within Ireland and SEPA zone) €10,000 €30,000 €5,000
Bill Payment €10,000 €30,000 €10,000
Maximum Transfer amount (between your nominated AIB accounts) €1,050,000 €1,600,00 €1,050,000


* Effective from 8th December 2012 for personal users, and from 22nd August 2013 for business users, this is a cumulative limit for transfers completed using your AIB Kiosk, AIB Phone and AIB Internet Banking. For example if you complete a bill payment on AIB Phone & Internet Banking for €7,000 this overall limit is reduced to €1,043,000/€1,593,000 (personal/business).

**Customers registered for AIB Internet Banking who hold at least one open suitable designated AIB Business account.


Expressions defined in the Terms and Conditions for AIB Phone & Internet Banking bear the same meaning in this notice.

The total aggregate value of any category of transaction effected during a Non-Business Day shall be taken into account in determining whether the appropriate aggregate limit has been reached during the next succeeding Business Day. For example transactions completed on a Saturday and a Sunday are both included in the limit for the Monday.

The total value of transactions which may be effected by a User through AIB Phone and/or Internet Banking in any Business Day or associated Non-Business Day period is limited to the amount of the available balance on the Account to be debited at the relevant time.