Bank safely with AIB - Ways to bank for over 65s and Vulnerable Customers


We’d like to let you know about some of the things we have in place to help you and your loved ones bank safely with us.


Priority Hours

We have priority hours in our branches for our elderly and vulnerable customers until 11am each morning. If you need additional support, simply make yourself known to our staff in the branch at any time and they will help you with your banking needs.


Managing your day-to-day banking from home

We can help you manage your banking in a safe way without leaving your home.

Did you know that many businesses will take card payments over the phone? If you ring them they will take your Debit or Credit card details from you. They will never ask for your card PIN.

Our Internet and Mobile banking channels also have a range of features including the option to make payments to another person. You can find out more by clicking on the links below or asking one of our staff in any of our branches nationwide.

  • Find out more about AIB Internet Banking here
  • Find out more about AIB Mobile Banking here

If you would rather talk to someone you can also use your phone to bank with us through AIB Phone Banking. You can sign up for AIB Phone Banking by calling 0818 724 724. Find out more about AIB Phone Banking here.

The Banking & Payments Federation Ireland have a useful guide that gives advice for those cocooning. The guide is available here.


Nominate someone you trust to look after your banking needs

We know that you might be unable to get to the branch right now, so if you are cocooning you can have someone you trust take out cash for you.

Simply download the form (we’ve included the link below), complete it and have the person you trust take it to the branch where they can withdraw up to €1,300 on your behalf. We will phone you to confirm before we process the transaction.

The form is available to download here.


Dedicated line for over 65s and their carers

We have a dedicated phone line for customers who are over 65, their carers or for people concerned about financial abuse.

You can ask us for help if:

  • You need help to organise banking from your home
  • You are caring for one of our customers and need support with banking arrangements
  • You are worried that someone else has control over your money without your permission

Please keep this line free for our most vulnerable customers.

This line is managed by a dedicated team of customer care experts and is open from 9 to 4, Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays).

Call us on: 1800 207 232


Whatever your situation we’re here to help. Simply drop into one of our branches or call us.

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