Switching is Simple: How to Change Your Mortgage Lender

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Thinking of changing your mortgage? It’s easier than you think. We’ll make the process simple and straightforward. And even better, we’ll give you €2000 to cover the costs of switching. Read on to find how to switch your mortgage to AIB right now.

Where Do I Start?

First, we need to know if you’re the type of borrower who can switch. If the property that you have a mortgage on is not the one you live in mostly, in other words, if you rent it out, you can’t switch to us. Before we begin, we’ll need to know that your mortgage repayments are all up to date, that you haven’t missed any and the property is not in negative equity. What you can borrow will also depend on what you can afford to repay each month - as a general rule of thumb, this shouldn’t be more than 35% of your disposable income. You can talk to us and we will help you work through all of this.

Remember, you will also need to have money to pay for a valuation of your property and any solicitor’s fees. You will also need to take out Mortgage Protection Insurance. Because of everything involved, it’s a good idea to get independent financial advice before changing your mortgage.


Why Switch to AIB?

As well as the €2,000 to cover your costs, we offer other benefits:

  • A personal Mortgage Adviser to help you through every step of your mortgage journey.
  • A range of competitive interest rates including our Green rate for homes with a BER of B3 or above. Check out our mortgage interest rates to find out more.
  • No Fees – When you drawdown a mortgage with us on a home you live in, we’ll waive the maintenance or transaction fees on the AIB current account you use to pay your mortgage. 

What’s Next?

Try our Switcher Mortgage Calculator and find out how much you could save right now. You can then apply online to switch, it’s easier than you think. You can also give us a call or make an appointment to talk to one of our mortgage advisers in your local branch.


Find Out More About Changing Your Mortgage to AIB

If you’re interested in changing your mortgage lender, why not try our Switcher Mortgage Calculator and find out how much you could save right now.

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