Below shows a list of different forms you might need for credit cards, iBusiness Banking, iBB Bureau, and payments.  If you can't find what you need, please contact us. 

When you have completed the form, please return it to your Relationship Manager.

Credit cards

Visa Corporate & Business Cards Application Form

Application form to apply for any of our Corporate or Business credit cards.

Add Additional Card Holder

Application form to add an additional card holder to your existing company account.

General iBusiness Banking Forms (iBB)

iBB Application Form

Access iBB to securely manage your business account online.

Request File Download

Apply to download Autorec files into your own systems.

Add Accounts to iBB

Fill in this form to add an account that you'd like to view on iBB.

Amend iBB Details

Update contact details, address or billing account related to your iBB profile.

Withdraw a Company From iBB

Cancel your company's access to iBB or remove from an existing group.

Change Authorised Signatories

Update any signatories for your iBB profile. 

Add Local Administrator

Add a new Local Admin to an existing iBB profile.


Payment Files - Direct Debits

Collect both domestic and international direct debits with a single file.

Payment Files - Credit Transfers

Make easy domestic and international payments with a single file.

Amend Number of People That Authorise Payments & Validate Amendments

Update payment and system change authorisations.


Set Up a Group of Companies

Application to group companies together under one iBB profile.

Add Additional Company to Existing Group

Add additional company to existing iBB group profile.

iBB Bureau

iBB Bureau Application Form

Application to add a third party bureau.

iBB Bureau Client Payment Files

Payment file application for third parties.