Access a wide range of simple solutions which can meet your short term working capital requirements.


We provide a tailored solution to help you manage your changing cash flow and working capital requirements through our Business Overdraft, Invoice Finance, Insurance Premium and PromtPay short term finance packages.

Working Capital Solutions Include


Access a flexible source of borrowings to assist in your day-to-day cashflows and help manage unexpected outgoings on your working accounts whilst minimising your financing costs. Your Business Overdraft allows your current account to go into an overdrawn position, up to a pre-agreed limit.

Revolving Credit Facility

Providing you the ability to draw, repay and redraw up to a pre agreed limit, a Revolving Credit Facility offers flexibility to meet business cash flow requirements and can also be used in tandem with a Term Loan to support and enhance your overall financing strategy.

Invoice Financing

Accelerate your debtor cashflow, releasing liquidity from your current assets. You maintain control of your debtor collection process, with the facility administered on a wholly confidential basis with your customers. Find out more about Invoice Finance. 

Bonds, Guarantees and Letters of Credit

Provide support for your day to day business through our tailored solutions. Find out more about Trade Finance. 

Promptpay and Insuring Premium Finance

PromptPay and Insurance Premium Finance are two short-term finance products that transform large annual outgoings, like tax and insurance, into manageable monthly repayments. It’s our way of backing your business by giving you the reassurance of a healthier cashflow and greater ability to plan ahead. Find out more about PromptPay & Insurance Premium Finance. 

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Credit facilities are subject to repayment capacity and financial status and are not available to persons under 18 years of age. Security may be required.