Sector Expertise


We’ve been partners to the Irish and International hotel and hospitality sector for years.

Transport, Logistics & Manufacturing

We've been a partner to the sector for over 40 years, building long term relationships and helping customers steer a course for their business.


In the Healthcare sector, you know how to make caring decisions about people’s health. We know how to help you make decisions that care for your business.

Professional Services

Whether it’s the relationship or the product, you’ll find we understand what partnerships need.

Food, Fisheries & Agriculture

Ireland thrives on the food, fishery and farming sectors. Your sector is as important to us as it is to the Irish economy.

Telecoms & Media

With hi-speed change in your sector, you need a fast, responsive bank.


In every university and many of Ireland’s higher education institutions we have relationships that span from on-campus branches to capital development projects.

Energy, Climate Action & Infrastructure

Our Centre of Expertise approach ensures our customers get the specialist advice and support required for projects in this evolving sector.

Investing in Ireland

Here you’ll find a partnership experience with the first choice bank for international companies investing in Ireland.

Licensed Trade

We know the importance of first impressions and of lasting relationships.

Wholesale & Retail

We know your business is seasonal, which is why we can tailor products to meet that challenge.


We have been supporting customers to get cars on the road for years. We'll provide the financing solutions that keep your business moving.