Investing in Ireland

Here you’ll find a banking partnership experience with the world’s first choice for companies investing in Ireland. And a little more besides.

The soft weather and warm welcomes go hand in hand.  More international companies choose AIB Corporate Banking as their local banking partner than any other. That's because we know our business and make it our business to know yours.


We’re Irish and we know precisely what makes Ireland a favourable business environment and so do over 1,000 overseas companies who have already set up here.


Here, we will make a partnership where we work together, team to team, business to business to support the establishment and future growth or your Irish operation.



Why Invest in Ireland?

Ireland is a leading location of choice for global Foreign Direct Investment. A young, highly skilled workforce, business-friendly legislation and a low corporate tax rate of 12.5% have attracted almost 1,000 multinationals to-date to build and expand their businesses in Ireland.


To further support the growth and development of FDI in Ireland, AIB commissioned independent research, the findings of which we have assembled into this report "Why Choose Ireland?"

The research looked at the reasons why multinational companies invest in Ireland. It investigated the main drivers and enablers to setting up business in Ireland. It also evaluated companies' experiences in the Irish market and sought key insights from existing FDI companies.

It is evident from the research that Ireland is a very attractive place to do business. However all stakeholders have a role to play to ensure Ireland maintains its competitive advantage.

We hope this research will be of benefit to multinational companies considering setting up or increasing their investment in Ireland.

Simon Scroope, Head of AIB Corporate Banking

Why choose AIB?

It’s a partnership


With customers spanning every sector of the economy and our long established track record of supporting businesses to meet their growth plans, we're a bank with a reputation for strategic partnership.


We know that, like the markets you operate in, banking is a competitive global market place. So we work hard to turn business relationships into unique partnerships that add up to that extra value that makes the difference for you. 


You want a partner who brings to the table a deep understanding of your business and your sectors. We have a relationship team that has years of experience of your industry and who invests the time to truly understand your business. 



Meet your relationship manager

Take the time to talk with us and you’ll find we’ve years of experience of supporting business in your sector.


You’ll get a sense that you’ve met someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone with an understanding of your business that you can rely on. Straight-talking and meaningful, it will become a partnership focused on building long term relationships.


You’ll see the service we offer, the products, the knowledge and experience of your markets, supported by a banking network throughout Ireland and the UK.  


Meet your relationship manager; welcome to a partnership.


Mick Murray
Business Unit Head, AIB Corporate Banking

Ph: 01-6414248


View Mick's profile and meet his team


Some of the customers we've partnered with




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Sector Expertise

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    Our team has the local knowledge and expertise in a variety of Sectors

    Ireland has developed an international reputation as a global investment location of choice for many of the world’s leading corporates from a wide range of Sectors (See Why Choose Ireland for details).


    Our team has the local knowledge and expertise in a variety of Sectors including;

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Medical Technology

    • Hardware, Software Technology

    • Clouding Computing

    • Digital and Social Media

    • Telecommunications

    • Financial Services

    • Manufacturing

    • Consumer Products

    • Entertainment and Gaming

    • Clean Technology

    • Energy

    • Big Data Analytics

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The Benefits of being an AIB customer

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    Dedicated Relationship Team

    • Your relationship team headed by a Senior Relationship Manager is your central point of contact for both your local team and head office making communication simple and direct. 

    • Your Senior Relationship Manager will gain a full understanding of your business and your business objectives so we can proactively deliver a tailored banking solution in conjunction with the appropriate product and service experts from across the AIB Group. 

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    Superior Cash Management Capability

    • As Ireland’s leading payments and cash management bank, AIB provides a comprehensive range of cash management products and services specifically designed with our international customers in mind. These include;
    • Secure real time environment World Class corporate cash management through Internet Business Banking (iBB)
    • Currency Accounts available in all major currencies.
    • Web based multi-currency, multi-vendor system
    • Warehouse / forward date payments
    • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Connect Direct available
    • SWIFT MT940 reporting.

    Experienced and dedicated cash management specialists who have a wealth of experience in assisting multi-national customers with their Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes.

    For more information on our Cash Management capabilities click here

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    Practical Financing Solutions

    From working capital to larger structured funding solutions, refinancing, arranging, syndicating, through to day to day banking services for your business, we have a wide range of solutions that can aid the efficient financial management of your business. 

    For more information on our Debt Facilities capabilities click here

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    How to get started with AIB

    We are available at any stage to meet either here in Ireland or at your parent office and understand what your plans are for your operation in Ireland.

    Making the process of getting started as streamlined and simple as possible is one of our key deliverables. Our experience is that the majority of our clients require at the outset; corporate bank account(s); access to our on-line cash management portal and a short term line of credit, often corporate credit cards. There are a few simple steps to achieve this;


    1) Mandate & iBB Application Form – These documents govern the management of your accounts held with AIB both by written instruction and on-line via iBB; 

    2) Corporate Credit Card Application form – AIB has a range of credit card options available;

    3) Customer Due Diligence; AIB, like every other financial institution in the EU, are obliged to hold certain information to satisfy ‘Customer Due Diligence’ requirements. The level of information required generally depends on the ownership structure of the entity seeking to open the bank account however with over 30 years of experience in obtaining such information and opening bank accounts for multinationals, your Relationship Manager can easily guide you through what’s required.

    4) FATCA form - This document must be completed as an Irish Law requirement for all business accounts opened. Guidance notes for completion are provided.

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    Support for your staff

    AIB holds a market leading position in the Personal Banking sector in Ireland. One of the key elements of AIB’s offering, which is often not available from international banks, is direct personal banking support for your staff. 


    One of the key challenges company’s may face is opening bank accounts for ex-pats that may be transferring to Ireland with the new operation. We have a streamlined process whereby we can arrange for bank accounts to be opened before those persons arrive in Ireland.

    In addition to our 190 branches, AIB personal customers also benefit from our award winning on-line offering allowing direct access to your bank account either on-line or via our Personal Banking Apps. 

    AIB has a programme called “AIB Workplace Banking” which is a dedicated team of Personal Banking professionals that will deliver a personal bespoke banking service for your staff.

    Staff can avail of one-to-one consultations to assist them reach their personal financial goals across a wide range of products and services including;

    • Personal Loans

    • Current Accounts

    • Mortgages

    • Insurance

    • Investments

    • Credit Cards

    • Savings and Deposits

    Link to Personal Banking

    For Company Executives, we offer an exclusive service, offering priority banking and wealth management services through our Private Banking division.

    Link to Private Banking




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