Club Fuels County with Michael Quinlivan

"Being in an All-Ireland Semi Final feels pretty good alright!"



That's according to Tipperary sharpshooter and all round gent Michael Quinlivan ahead of the biggest game of his career Vs Mayo in their first Semi-Final game since 1995. 

They’ve won a Minor All-Ireland and the Munster under 21’s but now it’s their time to step up and claim their fifth All-Ireland county title – and they’re ready for the challenge!!



When they put on that Tipperary jersey on Sunday, they’re not just doing it for their team mates and family; they’re doing it for their loyal supporters as well.



Every footballer in the country dreams of walking out onto that pitch in Croke Park for an All-Ireland Semi Final but for now its Tipperary’s turn to achieve that goal #TheToughest

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