SBCI Lending Schemes Enquiry Form

This form is uniquely for business customers affected by economic challenges from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If your business has experienced at least a 10% increase in costs over 2020 because of the conflict, support is available under the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme from us through the SBCI.

To find out if your business qualifies for the scheme, the first thing to do is to ask the SBCI for an eligibility code at When you give us that code on this form we will contact you about applying.

We don’t make recommendations or give advice about any particular loan or scheme here but filling out this form will help us decide if this type of loan suits your business needs. This form isn’t the loan application and you won’t receive a loan just by filling it out.

If you need help with this form you can call us on 0818 478 833 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

 This loan is not suitable for businesses:

  • that employ more than 499 people
  • applying to refinance existing debt
  • financing the purchase of agricultural land
  • in financial difficulty
  • in excluded sectors or have a substantial focus in any of the restricted sectors;

The full list of excluded and restricted sectors is available on

If you want to borrow for any of those reasons, we have other options to help with that too. Contact your Relationship Manager or call our Direct Business team on 0818 478 833 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Are your contact details up to date? If your contact details don’t match what we have, there may be delays to your application. If you are registered for Internet Banking, you can check them in the services and settings menu (you will need a card reader to make changes) or by calling our Customer Service Team on 0818 724 724 (+353 1 771 24 24 from outside Ireland) Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 17:00.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request online at this time, please contact your Local AIB branch to discuss further

The SBCI Schemes cannot be used to borrow funds for land, purchasing property, financing structural building works or building works requiring planning permission, bridging finance, gambling or betting activities

Depending on the sector and purpose you are borrowing for you may not meet the eligibility criteria for certain schemes.

If you have a requirement to borrow for any of the above reasons, contact your RM, your local Branch or call our Business Advisor team on 1890 478 833 for more suitable options. 

Based on your responses the following product(s) may be suitable for your borrowing need. Please review the product(s) information before proceeding.

Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme

  • Supporting working capital and investment requirements of businesses to combat rising costs as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.
  • Loan terms of three months to five years and six months for amounts from €10,000 up to €1,000,000 are available.
  • You will also be required to pay a premium for participating in the Scheme. This premium is based on the term of your loan and your business type i.e. SME or Small Mip Cap.
  • This premium will be paid to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and collected by us on his/her behalf as part of your loan repayment.
  • More information is available on our website at

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