The vast majority of us pay for our rent or mortgages, our car payments and all other bills with our salary. When we rely upon this income to cover those payments, being unable to work due to an injury or illness can make them far more difficult to afford. This is especially true if it continues for an extended period.

Our Income Protection policy is designed to protect against such eventualities by filling the gap of that missing income with a replacement regular payment. After your chosen deferred period, an amount will be paid to you monthly if you are totally unable to perform the duties of your own occupation. You’ll continue to receive this income until you are able to return to work again, or if not, until your chosen retirement age.

There are two types of Income Protection available: Personal Income Protection and Executive Income Protection. Personal Income Protection is purchased by you to cover your own income. Executive Income Protection is generally taken out by a company on behalf of a director or employee, known as the life covered, to protect their income.

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