Supporting your business

Save on fees

When you open our Business Start-up Current Account, the first two years of your account are free from maintenance and transaction* fees. You also get up to €100 off quarterly cash handling fees. 

Online banking

Online banking makes it easier for you to manage your business accounts.

Depending on what you need, you can choose from:

  • Phone and Internet Banking - Secure basic transactions with no registration or subscription charges
  • iBusiness Banking (iBB) – Designed for business customers who need more from online banking (subscription fees waived for 2 years)

Find out whether Internet Banking or iBB is best for your business. Answer four simple questions and we will then suggest the best online banking solution for your needs with our AIB Selector Tool.

Merchant services

Offer your customers a convenient and safe way to pay for goods and services. Whether you want to accept card payments in-store, online, over the phone, or on the go. Click here to Discover AIB Merchant Services.

Start-up current account

Develop your business with help from your current account.

  • Two years of waived Account Maintenance and Transactions* Fees, excluding cash handling fees
  • €100 off quarterly cash handling fee
  • Bank online, in branch and with cards
  • Get detailed monthly statements
  • Free Phone and Internet banking or iBusiness Banking subscription fees waived for 2 years 

Business debit card

Pay business costs the easy way.

  • Take out up to €600 cash a day from an ATM
  • Money leaves your account in real time
  • Get up to 10 cards per company

How to open a Start-Up Account

Click ‘Open your business current account’ below to begin.



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Loans and Finance


Business Overdraft

Access extra funds without applying for a loan.

Business Loans

Invest in your business without affecting your cashflow

Business Credit Line

Prepare for business expenses with financial support when you need it most

Asset Finance

Spread the cost of the equipment you need to develop your business

Prompt Pay Finance

Invest in your business without affecting your cashflow

Business Tools & Resources




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Guide to applying for Business Credit

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Business Plan Guidance (published by CCAB & IBF)

Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Useful Templates




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Asset Liability Template

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Cashflow Planner Template

Useful Websites

Business Plan Template

Terms and conditions

Fees and charges

*Maintenance and transaction fees are as described under the heading Account Fees at (A. Account Maintenance Fees and B. Account Transaction Fees) in the Business Fees and Charges Booklet.

The offer is available to Business Start-up customers who apply for our Business Start-up Current Account Fee Offer at account opening by ticking the relevant box on the Business Account opening form. At the end of the offer period, the Bank’s standard fees and charges will apply to the account.

The offer does not include the waiving of any charges such as Service charges, International Payments charges, Government charges and stamp duty.

Other charges apply. See the Bank's Business Fees and Charges and Schedule of International Transaction Charges booklet.