Current Accounts

Business current account

Banking for your everyday business needs.

  • Access your account online or in branch
  • Support from a Business Advisor
  • Competitive fees and charges

Start-up current account

Designed to help your new or start-up business get up and running

Young farmers current account

Manage your finances as you develop your farming business

Currency current account

Make and receive foreign currency payments without converting your money

Savings Accounts

We have a choice of accounts to suit your business needs. 

Demand deposit account

Keep your money in reach with our most flexible deposit account

Currency deposit account

Protect and earn interest on your foreign currency


Switch to AIB

It is not as complicated as you may think to make the switch. See how to make your switch to us as simple, quick and hassle free as possible

Negative interest

For details on negative interest and how it might apply to your account visit our negative interest page for business customers

Related products

Business debit card 

Pay for business costs straight from your account

Loans and finance

Get easier access to credit with our range of loans and financing

International payments

Make payments to most destinations worldwide, both in branch and online

Find your local branch

Find your local branch

Make an appointment

Make an appointment