Protect your cashflow

A healthy cashflow is essential for every business. Immediate access to cash allows you to effectively manage working capital. It gives your business the freedom to do more, without waiting for your customers to pay outstanding invoices.

Easy process

There is little disruption to your business when you use Invoice Finance. Simply invoice your customers as normal. You'll then be able to access up to 85% of the gross value of your invoices. Once you receive payment from your customers, lodge the funds with AIB.

Maintain business relationships

Have peace of mind with immediate access to most of your invoiced debt. All credit control remains with you, meaning your customer relationship won't be affected.

Convert sales into cash

With Invoice Finance, you can typically access more funds than conventional sources of finance. So you can pay suppliers in full and on time, potentially get settlement discounts, and increase your cashflow to fund your sales growth.

Invoice Finance at a glance

  • Access up to 85% of invoices raised
  • Fund domestic and export invoices
  • Easy to use online system
  • Fund your business growth
  • Confidential facility

Who can apply

Invoice financing is a good option for businesses who:

  • Have an average on-going funding requirement of at least €150,000
  • Sell goods or services on credit to other businesses
  • Have an ongoing trade debtor’s ledger of minimum €250,000
  • Invoice after goods and services are delivered
  • Have a satisfactory quality and spread of debtors
  • Use a sales ledger accounting system and appropriate credit control procedures

How to apply

Speak to your Relationship Manager, visit your local branch or email

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Fees and charges

A discount charge (similar to an interest rate) is levied only on funds drawn and is charged monthly.

A service fee is typically charged on an annual fixed fee basis and is billed at the end of each month. This is for the on-going management of the facility. 

Terms and conditions

Note: The Invoice Finance calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a contract. We are not recording and will not use the information quoted by you in our calculators unless it is being used as part of a product application.

Facility criteria terms and conditions apply.

Please note that the provision of this product or service does not require licensing, authorisation or registration with the Central Bank of Ireland and, as a result, it is not covered by the Central Bank's requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

AIB Commercial Finance Limited are a member of the Irish Asset and Invoice Finance Association, details available at