AIB supporting Women in Enterprise

AIB recognises the effect on communties of how business women sustain and grow their business

AIB is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and has run AIB Women in Enterprise Masterclasses and Growth Academies, where participants got the tools, support and guidance around the specific challenges facing their businesses. In the pages below, you can read some of the stories from the women who joined this programme and what AIB can do to support your business ideas and turn those ideas into actions.

Based on AIB’s own research findings we know women business owners and leaders have the same product and service needs as men however they have told us that they value and want coaching, mentoring and connectivity in a way that helps them access those products and services confidently.

  • Women are more impacted by role models than men.
  • Women engage with targeted initiatives that support their business growth & capability.

AIB Women in Enterprise Alumni

As part of AIB’s commitment to women in leadership, we asked some of our participants to share their business story with a number of our partners.  You can read a selection of these below. 


AIB’s Women in Enterprise winners revisited

Etain Moran & Oxygen Care Ltd share their story of the family business and how it has evolved and grown over the years.

Vital Support for Vital Business

Previous AIB Women in Enterprise winners Wendy Slattery and Noelle O'Connor share their insights into new ways of working, advice for entrepreneurs and their growth strategies for the year ahead.

Articles reproduced by kind permission of Chambers Ireland and Ashville Media.

Finance supports

We are committed to supporting women in business and have a range of financial products and services available to all businesses. The first step is to contact your local branch or our business adviser team for information. You will also find resources that may assist you on our website.

Thought leadership

A series of articles designed to provide insight and support for your business growth journey.

Our Thought Leadership series is designed to provide insight and information on the key tools that will support you and your business on your growth journey.


Great companies need great leaders

It is commonly accepted that great leaders deliver better (and in some occasions extraordinary) results but what’s the magic sauce to make good leaders great?


Putting networking to work

Business success is often less to do with who you know, than who knows you. No path offers a better route to success than effective networking. Networking is about creating a fabric of personal contacts to provide support, feedback, insights, resources and information.


Getting the most from mentoring

In recent years much has been made of mentoring and its role in successful business and personal development. Those in business, both new and established are regularly advised to consider how mentoring might help them not just survive – but thrive. 

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