Flexible options

When you need to pay someone in another country, you've got lots of options. From your office or home you can use our internet banking service and iBB. Or you can drop into a your local branch for help at the counter, or self-service at a kiosk.

For payments within the SEPA zone, you'll need the IBAN of the person you are paying.

Cheaper for you

Using online banking is secure and cheaper than paper based payments. See our Schedule of International Transaction Charges.

Worldwide payments

Pay salaries, expenses and suppliers to most locations worldwide, in all major currencies.

Choose your timeframe

Choose from a standard or urgent payment, depending on how quickly you need the payment to go through.

International payments at a glance

  • Pay suppliers in most countries
  • Make payments urgently if you need to
  • Pay in all major currencies
  • Pay online through our internet banking service, a self-service kiosks, or your local branch
  • International payments FAQs
Find your local branch

Find your local branch

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Fees and charges

The cost of an International Payment is based on AIB’s charge and the charges of other banks involved in the payment, such as Intermediary (Agent) Banks and the Receiver Bank. Intermediary (Agent) and Receiver Banks will normally collect their charges by deducting them from the payment amount before it is paid to the Receiver's Account or will bill AIB with their charges once they have processed the payment. However, under EU legislation the charges must be shared by both parties when the payment is made within the *EEA.

For more information on the AIB costs for International Payments please click here to view the Schedule of International Transactions Charges brochure. Brochures are also available in your branch.

In addition to AIB’s International Payment charge, account transaction fees will also apply.

*EEA = EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Foreign Exchange Rates applicable to Incoming International Payments

Foreign Exchange Rates applicable to Outgoing International Payments


Terms and conditions

Charges may apply. Please see our 'Schedule of International Transaction Charges' brochure.

Foreign Exchange rates may apply. Any transactions involving a currency conversion are subject to variable exchange rates. Retail foreign exchange rates are available from any AIB branch for reference purposes.

Exchange rate losses may apply in the case of cancellation or amendment to a transaction or unpaid items.

The most effective means of sending or receiving money cross border is generally by International Payment instead of a draft or cheque. Drafts and cheques (including international euro cheques) not drawn on a bank within Ireland cannot be cleared through the Irish clearing system. Clearing rules and clearing cycles differ depending on the country/location of the bank on which the draft/cheque is drawn. Due to the absence of a central European or international clearing system for paper, there is no standard mechanism or time period for clearance of paper items i.e. drafts and cheques.

Download the terms and conditions