Easy bulk payments

Your business can pay wages, expenses or suppliers in the 27 participating EU member states plus additional territories easily. You can also pay utility bills for any property in the SEPA zone from your Irish account. All you need is:

  • The IBAN of the account you want to credit
  • A SEPA compatible Credit Transfer file *See file specification for more details

Pick from a range of online software options to create your files.*

Quick payments

Payments can be made in a single business day. Simply authorise your SEPA credit transfer file by 4pm on the day you want your account to be debited using your iBB account, and your transfer will go through with credit value to your customers for the next day. 

Wide range of locations

You can credit an account in any of the 27 participating EU member states plus additional territories. All transactions happen in euro, even if one of the accounts is in a different currency.

We also support direct debit payments in the SEPA zone.

SEPA credit transfer payment at a glance

  • Make bulk payments in 27 EU member states
  • All your payments are made in euro
  • Pay wages, expenses or utility bills

Who can apply

Any iBB customer can apply to submit SEPA Credit Transfer Files. 

How to apply

You can simply complete the form below and return to your Relationship Manager to get started.

Payment Files Credit Transfers – Application and Amendment Form

Find your local branch

Find your local branch

Make an appointment

Make an appointment

Software Providers

*You'll need to use online software to create your Credit Transfer file. Services vary across providers so it's important to find the best fit for your business.


See below for lists of available software providers but bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive.

IMPORTANT: AIB has provided the above for information purposes only and we do not endorse or recommend any of the featured software providers. Additionally, we shall not be responsible for any such software providers’ acts or omissions or the accuracy of information displayed or the performance of their product outside of it providing a XML file that AIB can process. Not all the products offered by these suppliers may be suitable for your particular circumstances; therefore it is strongly recommended that if you have not already done so, you should consult your payments software provider.

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Fees and charges

€0.07 per payment, with a minimum charge of €6.35 per month.

To see all costs for SEPA payments, download our Schedule of International Charges and Business Fees and Charges