Bulk international payments

You can easily pay wages, expenses or suppliers anywhere in the world. Use one payment file to make all your payments to multiple accounts.

For file formatting guidelines please see the following:

Multi-currency file format.

All major currencies

You can credit an account anywhere in the world in over 30 major currencies. 

Choose your transfer option

If you need to make euro payments  to beneficiaries in the SEPA zone you can use the SEPA Credit Transfer file option. If you need to make euro payments to beneficiaries outside the SEPA zone or payments in any other currency the Multi-Currency File option is for you..

Multi-currency payment file at a glance

  • Worldwide payments in over 30 major currencies
  • Standardised credit transfers
  • Pay wages, expenses, suppliers all at once

Who can apply?

Any iBB customer can apply to submit a multi-currency payment file.

How to apply

You can simply complete the below application form and return it to your Relationship Manager to get started.

Payment File Credit Transfers - Application and Amendment Form

Find your local branch

Find your local branch

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Fees and charges

A quarterly charge of €250 applies for a multi-currency file along with standard payment charges.

For more, download our Schedule of International Fees and Business Fees and Charges.