We are here to support all our customers, but particularly those who may be concerned about banking from home.
General Branch opening hours are Monday– Friday 10am to 4pm with late opening to 5pm one day per week. Full details of the nearest AIB Branch are available on aib.ie.
Tuesday to Thursday from 10.30am to 12pm are quieter times in our branches, so it may suit you to plan your visit around these times.
AIB at An Post. With AIB at An Post, we continue to support you at your local post office, where you can carry out many day-to-day banking transactions using your AIB Debit card.


A dedicated phone line for over 65’s and their carers 

We have a dedicated phone line for customers who are over 65, their carers or for people concerned about financial abuse.
You can ask us for help if: 
  • You need help to organise banking from your home
  • You are caring for one of our customers and need support with banking arrangements
  • You are worried that someone else has control over your money without your permission
Please keep this line free for our most vulnerable customers.
This line is managed by a dedicated team of customer care experts and is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays).
Call us on: 0818 227 056

Managing your day to day banking from home

We can help you manage your banking in a safe way without leaving your home
You can use your card to make payments over the phone
  • Many businesses will take card payments over the phone. If you ring them they will take your Debit or Credit card details from you. They will never ask for your card PIN.
Our Internet or Mobile banking channels have a range of features including allowing you to make payments to another person.
  • Find out more about AIB Internet Banking here
  • Find out more about AIB Mobile Banking here
You can also use your phone to bank with us through AIB Phone Banking. You can sign up for AIB Phone Banking by calling 0818 724 724. Find out more about AIB Phone Banking here.
The Banking & Payments Federation Ireland have a useful guide that gives advice on safeguarding your money now and in the future. The guide is available here.


What to do if you are concerned about fraud or someone controlling your money

If you suspect that fraud has happened on your bank account or you see unusual activity on it, contact us immediately here
If you are worried that someone else might have control over your money without your permission, you can ask us for help. Also let us know if you are concerned that a family member or friend has lost control of their money to someone they don’t trust. 
Our people are trained to recognise situations like financial abuse. Even if you are in a branch accompanied by someone who you no longer trust, we may be able to recognise the situation.
Telling any of us that you are concerned may mean we can take action to safeguard your money. The most important thing is that you talk to someone.
More information and contact details can be found here