What are my options after a second COVID-19 payment break?

Where you are able, returning to your previous payment arrangement, as soon as can you afford to do so, is in your best interests as it will reduce your interest cost over the remaining term of your mortgage.

Where you are not yet ready and need some longer term support, we can help. It is important that you understand how those options will impact your mortgage and we have outlined that information below. If you need any more support to help you select the option which works for you, please contact us. 

Option 1: Return to full payments

Option 2: Return to full payments but extend the term of your mortgage

Option 3: Worried about returning to full payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some mortgage FAQs to help you through uncertain times. These will be updated regularly with the latest information and guidance.

About a payment break

Impact of taking a payment break extension

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