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Stories of Brave

Brave takes that risk. Brave strives to push on when others don’t. We see that bravery, and we back it. Our Stories of Brave series takes a look at some of our SME customers who’ve shown that bravery. They’re the cornerstone of our economy, and we’re here to support them.

Profile photo of Padraig McGillicuddy standing in front of Ballygarry House Hotel

Padraig McGillicuddy – Ballygarry House Hotel

When Padraig McGillicuddy inherited Ballygarry House Hotel just outside Tralee at 28 years old he was given a startling ultimatum by his accountant. His options were to leave the keys on the counter and walk away, or stay & fight for it and pay down the debt that accrued from inheritance issues. He chose the latter and became focussed on establishing the hotel as a world class product.

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