AIB Money & Me

The AIB Money and Me Programme, has been designed to help teachers to deliver easy to understand and relevant money management advice in the classroom.


This programme has been developed in conjunction with teachers to provide practical financial literacy to students, enabling them to be confident about managing their money and understanding the importance of saving and budgeting and improving their money management skills.


What’s involved in the AIB Money and Me Financial Education Programme?


AIB’s Student Officers will deliver an introductory presentation to the class, then leave a suite of resources for teachers to deliver an exciting and engaging series of lessons. The aim is to prepare students for independent thinking so that they are confident about their financial decisions.

If your school would like more information on the AIB Future Sparks Programme then please contact the Future Sparks team on the following:

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The AIB Future Sparks Festival,

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Phone: 01 522 4880

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