The AIB Future Sparks Festival

Igniting the dreams and ambitions of Ireland's Future Sparks

This isn’t your standard careers fair – this is a student festival! Celebrating a world of possibilities and what could be. The AIB Future Sparks Festival brings together leaders in business and young entrepreneurs to inspire students and to show them the power of potential. No other event gives students this kind of access to Ireland’s more innovative industries with business at the heart including technology, creativity and lifestyle.


Ambitions are explored and new and exciting opportunities for students are uncovered.


This is the inside track on the future. This is where life-changing decisions are sparks. This is the AIB Future Sparks Festival.



Important notice regarding the AIB Future Sparks Festival and the AIB Build A Bank Challenge.


AIB will now conduct elements of its Future Sparks Festival event online following recent warnings over COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The event, which brings together business leaders, young entrepreneurs and students, was due to take place in the RDS on March 26th.


AIB has a duty of care for the health and safety of all attendees and given the large numbers that have previously attended both events it has been decided that these events will operate through different formats while still engaging participants from across the country.


Teachers or parents who would like to seek further information should contact the project office on the following:


AIB Future Sparks Festival Team on 01 522 4880 or e-mail at

If your school would like more information on the AIB Future Sparks Programme then please contact the Future Sparks team on the following:

Postal Address:

The AIB Future Sparks Festival,

c/o Real Nation,

24 Arran Quay,

Dublin 7



Phone: 01 522 4880

Fax: 01 552 4809