Standard Foreign Exchange Rates for Incoming International Payments – AIB Buy

The standard foreign exchange rates listed below are applicable to incoming International Payments in a foreign currency to your euro account(s) for amounts up to our standard exchange rate threshold value (currently the currency equivalent of €70,000)

These standard foreign exchange rates only apply to payment instructions deemed to have been received by us (as outlined in the Terms and Conditions applying to your account) on the relevant business day as specified by the 'last updated' date below.

All standard foreign exchange rates are updated daily, on any business day. These rates are variable and subject to change and/or withdrawal, without notice, at any time.

Terms and Conditions apply - for further information on our Incoming International Payment services and the application of exchange rates to such payments, please refer to your Account and/or payment channel Terms and Conditions.

Please contact your branch for foreign exchange rates applicable to:

  • transactions over our standard exchange rate threshold value indicated above

  • other products/services (for example foreign currency notes, sale of foreign currency drafts, purchase of foreign currency cheques), or

  • currencies not listed below

NOTE: The following European Economic Area (EEA)* currencies are not currently available for sending/receiving International Payments. They are BGN = Bulgarian Lev, ISK = Icelandic Krona and RON = Romanian Leu.

* EEA = EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.


Standard Foreign Exchange Rates - AIB Buy

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