Alerts FAQs

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  • What are Alerts?

    Alerts are a convenient and secure method of receiving your account balance and other banking information via email.

  • Who can avail of Alerts?

    This service is available to all customers registered for AIB Internet or Mobile Banking. To register for Alerts you must have a valid email address.

  • What are the fees associated with Alerts?

    There are no fees associated with Alerts.

  • How do I manage alerts using AIB Internet banking?

    1. Log into the AIB Internet Banking, and navigate to the ‘Services & Settings’ menu.
    2. Tap on the ‘Account Management’ option.
    3. Tap on the ‘Balance Alerts' option.
    4. Enter or update your email address that you would like to receive Alerts to. This will update your email address on our records.
    5. Click on your Current Account/Credit Card to activate alerts.
    6. You can now turn on/off the alert for this account, and click 'confirm' to save your changes.
  • What types of Alerts are available to me on AIB Internet Banking?

    Alerts to inform you of your account balance information.
    Alert to inform you when your eStatement is available online.
    Alert to inform you when your payment due date is approaching on your Credit Card.

  • How do I manage Alerts using my AIB Mobile Banking app?

    1. Log into the AIB Mobile Banking app, and navigate to the Services menu
    2. Tap on the ‘Account Management’ option
    3. Tap on the ‘Balance Alerts' option
    4. You can view/update your email address by tapping on the Email button
    5. Tap on your Current Account
    6. You can now turn on/off the alert for this account, and tap 'confirm' to save your changes.
  • What types of Alerts are available to me on AIB Mobile Banking?

    An alert to advise you when your current account balance falls below a certain amount.

  • How will I receive my Alerts?

    You will receive your Alerts via email. These Alerts are sent to your email address which you have confirmed during registration or at any stage when you have updated your email address with AIB.

  • What balance details will my Alerts show?

    The balance that appears on the alert email is today's opening balance on your account and is time-stamped and amended to reflect any lodgements, withdrawals or payments made on your account today.


    It does not include any Debit Card transactions not yet posted to your account including those appearing in 'Pending Debit Card Transactions'*.


    * Note: There may be debit card transactions which are not reflected in your 'Pending Debit Card Transactions' or 'Available Funds' where they have not yet been advised to us due to the nature in which the merchant processes debit card transactions.

  • How can I change my Alerts?

    1. Go to 'Alerts'

    2. Under 'Alerts' click on View/Edit alerts for the account you wish to change Alerts on.

  • When will I receive my Alerts?

    You will receive your Alert emails Monday to Saturday excluding Sunday's and Bank Holidays.
    Alerts will not be delivered on Saturdays if Friday is a bank holiday.
    Credit Card Alerts for Payment Due Date that are scheduled to fall on a Bank Holiday will be received the previous working day.
    If you have closed your account you will no longer receive Alerts.

  • Can I opt out for Alerts?

    1. Select the ‘Suspend all Alerts’ option displayed at the bottom of the screen
    2. Click on ‘confirm’ to proceed
  • Will Alerts affect my marketing preferences?

    Please note registering for Alerts will not have an impact on your marketing preferences and you will only receive emails for the alerts you register for.

  • Useful Contacts

    For any queries relating to Alerts on AIB Internet Banking, please contact 0818 724 724 or if calling from outside Ireland, please contact + 353 1 771 2424.

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