If dementia has affected you or someone you care for, we can help make banking easier and more accessible.

For help, contact your local branch as a first step. You can make an appointment by calling our Additional Support Helpline on 0818 227 0567 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). We’ll take time to talk through your situation in private, when it suits you. Feel free to bring a partner or carer.  

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Some of the things you can do to better control money are:

 Use less cash.

 Set up standing orders and direct debits to pay regular bills.

 Check your bank statements to make sure things are as they should be.

 Don’t share your cards or PIN with anyone.

 Use phone and internet banking to make payments - it’s more secure.

If you have the support of a carer 

You may decide to give access to your accounts to someone you trust, like  a family member or friend. If you decide to do this it’s best to keep just what you need to live on in this account. It keeps things fair between you and your carer.

Letting someone else take control

We understand how difficult it can be, if you find that as time goes on, your dementia means you lose capacity to make decisions. You may need to let someone else make decisions on your behalf in a way that protects you.

While you are still able to make your own decisions, talk to your solicitor about an Enduring Power of Attorney. This only comes into effect when you can no longer decide things for yourself.

Power of Attorney is a legal arrangement where another person acts for you. This person should be someone you trust.

If you can no longer make decisions about your money and your future, the person acting on your behalf must apply to the courts for the Enduring Power of Attorney to be put into force. They can then bring the enacted Enduring Power of Attorney to your local Branch where we will arrange access to the accounts.

If you are caring for one of our customers, and there are no legal arrangements in place yet, please contact us and we will work through the situation. We will do everything we can to make sure our customer has access to their money.

The Banking & Payments Federation Ireland have a useful guide that covers more information on these topics. It is available below

safeguarding your money

Safeguarding your Money

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