AIB eMortgages FAQs

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  • What happens after I have completed the eMortgage Calculator?

    If you are happy with the results from the eMortgage Calculator you can select 'Apply Online', complete the Online Mortgage Registration process and complete your Online Application.

  • Can Non-AIB Customers avail of the Online Mortgage Application?

    Yes, Non-AIB customers can complete an Online Mortgage Application.

  • I have an existing Mortgage Application with AIB but I would now like to proceed Online, can this be done?

    Only applications submitted through the eMortgage Calculator and the Online Application can proceed through the online process. To discuss your Mortgage options, call our dedicated customer service team on 1890 724 724.

  • How do I register for an Online Mortgage Application?

    A mobile phone number is required to register and a temporary password will be sent to this mobile number. At this point you will be prompted to change your login password and login to your AIB eMortgage portal. You can sign out at any stage and return to the portal using this login and password.

  • Are there any restrictions on the length and types of characters I can include in my login password?

    Yes, it must be a minimum of 8 alpha numeric characters and it must include at least 1 capital letter and 1 special character e.g. * + @ & $

  • I forgot my AIB eMortgage password so how do I access my AIB eMortgage portal?

    Select the 'Forgot Password' link on the AIB eMortgages Login page. You will be asked to provide the mobile phone number you registered with together with the answer to the security question you completed at the time of registration. A new temporary password will be sent by SMS to your phone.

  • Do I require any specialised software to access the AIB eMortgage Portal and complete an Online Mortgage Application?

    We would recommend you use an up to date version of your browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Safari depending the pc / device that you are using. You will also need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug in to read the PDF documents, this can be downloaded from the AIB eMortgages Registration page if required.

  • I have started an application in my AIB eMortgage portal but I am not ready to submit it, can I save the details I have entered so far and come back to it later?

    Yes, all applications can be updated and saved until such time as you are ready to submit your completed application. Please note, only one application can be submitted. Once submitted all draft applications will be closed.

  • How many Mortgage Applications can I submit via this Online Mortgage Channel to the AIB eMortgages Team?

    Your AIB Mortgage portal will allow you to create and save multiple applications however you may only submit one fully completed mortgage application to AIB eMortgages team for assessment and decision. If you have other Mortgage requirements, please call 1890 724 724 for further assistance.

  • For Joint Mortgage Applications can both parties log in and amend the application in their AIB eMortgage portal?

    Yes, your AIB eMortgage portal can be accessed by either Mortgage Applicant provided you have the mobile phone number and password used to register for the service.

  • When will I get my Sanction in Principle (SIP) letter?

    When you complete and submit your Online Mortgage Application form, your Sanction in Principle letter will be available in your Document Gallery in your AIB eMortgages portal.

  • How long is the Sanction in Principle valid for?

    Your Sanction in Principle is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

  • I have submitted my Online Mortgage Application however my Sanction in Principle is not available yet. Why has this happened?

    At times, some of the IT Services may be unavailable and you will be advised to try again later.

  • My Sanction in Principle correspondence is requesting me to provide documents to AIB. When can I start to upload these documents?

    You can immediately begin to upload your documents through the Document Upload section in your AIB eMortgages portal.

  • What types of files types can I upload?

    The following are valid file types that you can upload: jpg, png, gif, bmp, jpeg, pdf, tif, mtif.

  • Is there a file size restriction on the documents that I can upload?

    Yes, the maximum individual files size that you can upload is 4MB.

  • Can I upload multiple documents?

    Yes, you can upload up to 10 documents at a time, but each document can be no more than 4MB in size

  • Can I send in documentation by post?

    As you have chosen to use the AIB eMortgage portal to apply for your mortgage, we would ask that you use the Document Upload facility in the portal to submit your documents. This will allow us to process your application more quickly.

  • I realised after I submitted my application that I provided you with some inaccurate information or I omitted some information. There is no facility to edit an application that has been submitted so how do I advise the AIB eMortgages team of the changes?

    Please contact the AIB eMortgages Team on 0818 303 059 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and they will advise you what you need to do.

  • Why have I have been timed out of my AIB eMortgages portal?

    For information security purposes, if you have not submitted a document in the Document Upload section within 20 minutes then your session will time out.

  • I have submitted my Online Mortgage Application through the AIB eMortgages portal however if I need to meet a Mortgage Advisor face to face, can this be arranged?

    Yes of course, please contact the AIB eMortgages team on is 0818 303 059 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) and they will arrange a suitable time and location for this meeting.

  • How do I upload original documents through my AIB eMortgage portal?

    If the original document is a PDF document e.g. Bank eStatements, statement of earnings such as an Employment Detail Summary or P60 then you can attach and submit that file type. Alternatively, you can take a picture or scan the original document and attach / submit the file. Upon receipt, the AIB eMortgages team will verify the documents uploaded and will check for validity and authenticity.

  • What happens when I upload a document through my AIB eMortgage portal?

    Once the document upload has been successful it will activate your case with the AIB eMortgage team and they will begin the assessment process.

  • How do I contact the AIB eMortgages team?

    The contact number is 0818 303 059 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). You will also find these details on the Home page of your AIB eMortgages portal.

  • What if there is a problem with the document I uploaded e.g. the document uploaded is illegible or it's the incorrect document?

    The AIB eMortgages team will send you a query message with instruction via the AIB eMortgage portal. They may also contact you on the mobile phone number you have provided. You will also be alerted by text that you have received a message in your AIB eMortgage portal.

  • Why do I need to arrange Fire Cover for the property I am going to purchase?

    You must have buildings cover in place in order for us to issue your mortgage funds. Buildings insurance should reflect the reinstatement value as evidenced in your valuation report. If purchasing an apartment, a copy of your buildings block policy (available from your solicitor) must be forwarded to us. For a Home Insurance quote you can ask a Mortgage Consultant in your local AIB Branch, call 1980 724 724 or log on Alternatively, contact your preferred insurance company. 

  • Why do I need Life Cover?

    All parties to the loan must take out the correct type of Life Assurance, which will depend on the amount, term and type of borrowing. You can contact your local AIB Branch to arrange an appointment with a Financial Planning Consultant to discuss your life and/or illness cover options ( Alternatively, you can contact your own preferred Life Assurance Company.

  • I have completed and uploaded a Direct Debit Mandate however I want to change the account number that my Mortgage Repayments will be funded from ? how do I do this?

    The Direct Debit Mandate (DDM) is part of the Letter of Offer documentation you received in your AIB eMortgages portal and by post. Print a copy of the DDM form available on your AIB eMortgages portal, fill in the details and upload the revised document under the Additional Documents in the Document Upload section.

  • When will I get a Letter of Offer?

    The following steps must be completed to the satisfaction of the Bank before you will receive a Letter of Offer:-

    • All documents submitted by you must be verified and approved by AIB

    • A Credit Assessment must be completed by AIB

    • You must confirm the property you wish to purchase and provide us with Solicitors Details

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