Notice to our customers about changes to our terms and conditions

We’re making some changes to our terms and conditions which will be effective from 15 February 2022.
From 15th February 2022, the Terms and Conditions for the following products and services will change.
  • Current, Demand Deposit and Masterplan Accounts
  • Online Saver
  • Online Notice Deposit 7
  • Private Banking Demand Deposit
We are making changes to the terms and conditions so that negative interest rates may be applied to all personal customers (Consumers) who hold current and deposit accounts with us. A Consumer, in this case, means any individual that has an Account for personal use, not connected with their trade, profession or business. If you are a personal customer and if we decide to apply negative interest to your account then we will write to you about this and let you know what it means for you. You can find out more about negative interest for the accounts of personal customers here.
While we were making this change we also took the opportunity to update the wording across our terms and conditions. We understand you might have more questions on the wider terms and conditions changes we’re making. To help we have some questions and answers that you might find useful below. You can also find a copy of the Terms and Conditions booklet here.

Terms and Conditions Questions and Answers