Tablet Banking FAQs

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  • Do I need to register to use AIB Tablet Banking?

    Our App has some features which do not require a log in and can be used by customers who aren’t registered for AIB Phone & Internet Banking.  These features are found under the “Services” button, they include:


    ·         Loan/Savings Calculator

    ·         FX Calculators and Rates

    ·         AIB Bank TV

    ·         Connect with AIB

    ·         Help Centre

  • How do I access AIB Tablet Banking?

    To access AIB Tablet Banking you should download the Apple or Android App from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Once the App is downloaded onto your tablet you can log in using your existing 8 digit Registration Number and your Personal Access Code (PAC).

  • What do I require to access AIB Tablet Banking?

    Along with your AIB Internet Banking login details, you will require the following:

    1) An Apple or Android Tablet device

    AIB Tablet Banking has been designed to work with a selection of tablet devices with internet capability and we aim to ensure that it is accessible to our customers. However, given the number of tablet devices available, this cannot always be guaranteed.

    2) Either an iPad running on iOS 8 or above, or an Android Tablet running on version 5.0 or above.

    3) A strong Mobile Data Signal or Wi-Fi 

    Customer connectivity to AIB Tablet Banking, using the mobile data signal, will depend on the telecom provider's mobile / wi-fi / broadband network speed. This may vary depending on:


    1. The number of customers accessing the mobile provider's network at any given time.

    2. Whether the tablet device is receiving a 3G signal from the mobile network.

    3. The type of tablet, operating system and/or browser being used.


    If you encounter any problem with your mobile data connection, you should contact your mobile network provider /broadband or wi-fi service provider.


  • What are my Available Funds?

    Your 'Available Funds' shows the actual amount you can transfer or withdraw from your account, including where applicable any overdraft limit approved on your account.


    The amount is subject to transaction limits and takes into account "Pending" transactions which have not yet been processed to your account.* Depending on your account set up 'Available Funds' may also include items which have not yet cleared and also items which may later be returned unpaid on your account.



    If you have €500 in your account with pending debit card transactions of €200 and an overdraft of €500:


    Your 'Available Funds' would be €800.


    If the Bank has agreed to a set-off arrangement where the balance in one of your accounts may be used when making payment decisions on another of your accounts, the available funds on your current account may be increased or decreased by the available funds in another current account(s) held by you. i.e. the available funds are combined. To calculate the actual available funds amount, amalgamate the available funds amount in each current account.



    If you have available funds in account A of €1000 CR and available funds of €200 DR in account B, your combined available funds is €800 CR.


    * Note: There may be debit card transactions which are not reflected in your 'Pending' section of the transaction screen, or 'Available Funds' where they have not yet been advised to us due to the nature in which the retailer / merchant processes debit card transactions.

  • What is my Balance?

    The "Accounts" overview screen Balance


    The balance that appears in the "Accounts" overview screen will depend on your account set up.


    For some customers the balance will only include transactions which have been processed to their account. This does not include any Debit Card transactions not yet posted to their account including those in the "Pending" section of the account transactions screen.


    Other customers will see a balance which does take account of "pending" transactions which have not yet been processed to the account. For these customers this balance will not include items lodged to their account which have not yet cleared.


    In all cases any items lodged may later be returned unpaid on the account.


    Account Transaction Screen Balance


    This is the screen that appears when you select an account from the initial overview screen. The balance that appears at the top of the screen is your account's opening balance on today's date amended to reflect any lodgements, withdrawals or payments made on your account today. It does not include any Debit Card transactions not yet posted to your account including those appearing in the "Pending" section of the screen*.


    * Note: There may be debit card transactions which are not reflected in your 'Pending Debit Card Transactions' or 'Available Funds' where they have not yet been advised to us due to the nature in which the merchant processes debit card transactions.


  • What are my Pending Transactions?

    Your 'Pending Transactions' are displayed in the recent transaction screen of your account.  These are transactions that you have completed but have not yet been processed to your account. These transactions generally process to your account within a number of days after the transaction has been completed. However, the timelines can vary as this will depend on the retailer / merchant. Please note there may be debit card transactions that do not appear on this list where they have not yet been advised to us due to the nature in which the retailer / merchant processes debit card transactions.


  • Is AIB Tablet Banking secure?

    Yes. AIB Tablet Banking is a secure, safe and convenient way to manage your money on the go. The service provides the same high level of security as you enjoy on AIB Internet Banking. To access the AIB Tablet Banking service you will be asked to enter your existing 8 digit Registration Number and Personal Access Code (PAC).


    To ensure you can access your accounts over the Internet with the utmost confidence, we use the highest levels of industry standard security. As part of this security we use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information.


    AIB Tablet Banking will automatically log you out after 5 minutes of inactivity. You must be actively browsing to stay connected (i.e. switching between accounts).


    This feature aims to protect you against unauthorised access. You will need to log in again if you wish to continue using AIB Tablet Banking.


  • What services are available on AIB Tablet Banking?

    AIB Tablet Banking offers you a number of convenient services on your tablet including:


    - View your account balances (AIB Current accounts, AIB Currency Accounts, Credit Card - Visa and MasterCard, AIB Mortgage Bank, AIB Finance & Leasing, Irish Life & ARK Life)

    - My Money Manager which is a Personal Financial Management tool exclusive to AIB

    - View your Available Funds

    - View recent and pending transactions and payments on your account

    - View your Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN) on the recent Transactions section

    - Transfer funds between your own accounts

    - Transfer funds to third party accounts in Ireland

    - Transfer money abroad using international payments

    - Pay your bills

    - View & cancel Direct Debits

    - Set up, amend or cancel a standing order

    - Top Up a mobile phone (Vodafone, Meteor, eMobile, Three Mobile and Tesco Mobile)

    - View and reuse recent Mobile Top Ups

    - View eStatements

    - Manage your Payees (Amend, Pay, Delete and Add a new Payee.

    - Apply Online for a range of AIB products (Current Accounts, Online Saver, Online Notice Deposit 7 and Online Notice Deposit 21. Personal Loan Top Ups, Overdrafts, Leasing & Hire Purchase products)

    - Change your PAC

    - Change your address

    - Card Services – access a range of options for your Debit, Credit & Commercial Cards (eg. PIN Reminders, Request a replacement Debit Card, and more!)


    If you encounter any difficulties with using these services, please call our Customer Service Advisers on 0818 724 724 (International +353 1 771 2424).


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