How do I change my gender on my account?

Visit your local branch where a member of staff will help you with your request.

You will need any one of the following documents:

  • Passport which states your new gender (and name if changed); or
  • Driving Licence which states your new gender (and name if changed); or
  • Gender Recognition Certificate AND if you are also changing your name, either a revised Birth Certificate or Deed Poll enrolled in the Central Office of the High Court

Please note our systems may take a couple of days to fully reflect your new details.


I haven’t legally change my name yet

If you have not yet changed your name legally, but would like us to address you by your preferred name, please let us know. We can note on our system a preferred name you wish us to use when in conversation with you. We cannot change the name on your account, or on correspondence from us, without documentation.

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