AIB Family Finance Budgeting Tool

AIB’s Family Finance Budgeting Tool is an exciting and easy to use online tool from AIB that can bring your household budget to life. Through the use of colour coded charts, you can see what portion of your spending is going where, and you can then put plans in place to organise your family budget.

How does it work?

  • Start by detailing your net monthly income, such as your salary and any other income sources if appropriate.

  • Next, itemise your expenditure, starting with your Household spend and then continue for each of the other categories by clicking on each icon as appropriate.

  • As you input your information the tool will update to reflect your circumstances and will automatically calculate if you are in surplus or shortfall.

  • Use the analysis section to adjust your planned monthly spending to see how changes you make can impact on your Family’s Finances.

Family Finance Budgeting Tool

Family Finance Budgeting Tool
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