Notice to AIB Phone and Internet Banking customers about changes to our terms & conditions

We’re updating our terms and conditions from 13 January 2018.

Why are we doing this?

It’s mostly to do with new legislation, called the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) that covers payment processing.

PSD2 brings third party providers offering account information and payment initiation services under regulation for the first time, and gives customers who have payment accounts available online the ability to consent to certain third party providers accessing those accounts.  As a result of this change brought about by PSD2, we have inserted a new Condition 4 as follows: 

4. Third Party Providers

4.1  You may consent to the following third parties accessing your Account online (for example, to make payments or to obtain information about balances or transactions on your Account):

4.1.1  third parties listed on our website ( as being fully approved by us; or

4.1.2  third parties that are appropriately registered or authorised as “Account Information Service Providers” and/or “Payment Initiation Service Providers” in accordance with PSD2.  For further information, you should check with the Central Bank of Ireland.

4.2  If you consent to a third party accessing your Account online that is not approved by us or appropriately registered or authorised in accordance with Condition 4.1, we will not be liable for any loss you suffer as a result.

4.3  Before you consent to a third party accessing your Account online, you should inform yourself as to the degree of access you are consenting to, what Account information that third party will have access to and how your Account information will be used and who it may be passed to.

4.4  Where you consent to a third party accessing your Account online in accordance with this Condition 4, the following applies:

4.4.1  the third party cannot access your Account if our AIB Internet Banking service is unavailable. Please see Conditions 19 and 20 for more information;

4.4.2 the third party will have access to the same information in relation to your Account as you would if you were to access the Account on AIB Internet Banking. Please see Condition 8 for more information; 

4.4.3 you are usually entitled to withdraw such consent but this may not be always be possible (for example, where we have started to process a payment, you cannot withdraw your consent to initiate that payment).  To withdraw your consent, you must follow our procedures as well as those of the third party and, if you have any concerns in relation to the security of your Account, you must contact us without undue delay in accordance with Condition 2; 

4.4.4  to the extent permitted by law or regulation and subject to any right to refund you may have under your Account Conditions, we are not responsible for anything that the relevant third party does or does not do (for example, if they suspend or terminate your use of their service) or for any resulting losses.  We are also not responsible for, or a party to, any agreement that you enter into with any relevant third party. You should make sure that you read and comply with such agreement or other policies and obligations and this Agreement will continue to apply (for example, the third party may charge you fees in relation to your use of their service and such fees will be in addition to any fee we may charge).

4.5 Where we consider it appropriate, we may deny any third party access to your Account online for any valid reason (for example, for the prevention of fraud, money laundering or terrorism). Where we do so, we will let you know either in writing, via AIB Internet Banking (for example, in your payment logs or My Messages), over the phone or by email.  Where possible, we will tell you our reason(s) for doing so, unless restricted by law or security reasons. 

We have also made changes to the definition of ‘User’, ‘you’ and to Condition 2 in order to provide for Condition 4.

The above changes will not affect customers who do not use third party providers.

Aside from the main updates detailed above, there are some additional changes relating to PSD2, and general updates to existing provisions to reflect our current operations. See the summary below:

What has changed What does this mean to you
Removal of facility to make payments from your Credit Card via AIB Phone & Internet Banking From 13 January 2018, you will no longer be able to transfer funds or pay a bill from a credit card via AIB Phone & Internet Banking. You can withdraw cash from your credit card at an ATM and you can use your credit card to pay bills by contacting the utility provider directly.
We have updated our Complaints clause We have added in information on your right to refer complaints about products or services that you take up online, to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform.
We have updated our Liability clause We updated  this Condition to reflect changes made to the Account terms and conditions. 
We have updated our Contacting you clause We have gone into more detail about how and when we will communicate with you when we make changes to your agreement with us.
We have shortened and simplified some of the terms and conditions We have removed definitions and conditions that are no longer relevant (for example the references to Me2U service). We also made changes to reflect the PSD2 changes made to the Account terms and conditions, for example in relation to liability and payments.
We have made changes to our data protection condition(s) to reflect the fact that our data protection and use of information notice no longer forms part of your Agreement. Our data protection notice and use of information notice is available on our website for you to view at any time and our data protection obligations to you have not been impacted by this change.


Where can I get my new terms and conditions?

To view a copy of your updated AIB Phone & Internet Banking terms and conditions click here.

What action do I need to take?

We will assume that you accept the changes to the terms and conditions when you use AIB Phone and Internet Banking after 13 January 2018. These changes do not in any way affect your entitlement to cease using AIB Phone and Internet Banking, free of charge at any time.

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.