Credit Card Interest Rates - Purchases


Rates last reviewed 12 July 2023




   Annual Interest Rate -Purchases *Representative Annual Percentage Rate - Purchases
CLICK Visa Card 9.11% 13.8%  
AIB Student Visa Card 14.85% 20.5%
Platinum Visa Card 11.84% 17.0%
'be' Visa **Higher annual interest rate 16.79% **Lower annual interest rate 14.16% **22.9%
Ascent Visa 9.48% 34.7%
***Standard Visa 18.24% 24.7%
***Gold Visa 14.72% 20.4%
***Classic Visa 18.24% 24.7%


All rates are variable.


*All APRs are based on a representative credit limit of €1,500 and includes Government Stamp Duty of €30 (and annual fee where applicable).


**The higher interest rate on purchases applies to cardholders with purchases not exceeding €5,000 in a 12-month assessment period - see Terms and Conditions.


***These products can no longer be opened by Customers.