Important Information about Statements

Important information: You can avoid incurring surcharge interest, referral item charges and unpaid item charges by ensuring that your account operates within your sanctioned limit, or in credit.

Important Information about Statements


1.       In certain circumstances, an amount appearing

in this statement as a debit or credit entry may

be reversed, cancelled or reduced by the Bank

on final posting and the balance must be

construed accordingly.


2.       The items shown on this statement should be verified

and the Bank notified promptly of any discrepancy.


*3.     The payment by the Bank at debit of this account

of any item which would have the effect of creating

an unauthorised debit balance, or of increasing

the debit balance on the account to an amount

in excess of the authorised limit, will not thereafter

commit the Bank to paying any further item to

such amount.


*4.     Unauthorised and excess borrowings, and overdue

repayments attract interest at the Bank’s surcharge

rate in addition to the applicable interest rate.



* This does not apply to deposit accounts.

** For Business Customers only.



5.       The Bank’s fees and charges will be debited to the

account. See the Bank’s booklet on fees and charges

available at all branches and at


6.       Deposit account interest, where applicable, will be

subject to deduction of Deposit Interest Retention

Tax (DIRT), which is subject to variation.


7.       The payment of credit interest is subject to the

terms and conditions of the account.


8.       Borrowings are subject to the terms of the

relevant Sanction or Credit Agreement.


**9.    All Business Borrowers are offered the option of an

annual review meeting in relation to all facilities and

security. Borrowers should contact their branch to

arrange a meeting.