We'll tell you everything you need to know about investing.

If you’re thinking about investing for the future, talk to AIB. We have a range of options that will put your money to work, and give you the opportunity to earn higher returns.

AIB has a Financial Advisor in every branch who can help you get a clear picture of your finances. Just drop in to any AIB branch and make an appointment for your free Financial Planning Consultation.

Key Information

Life and pensions products are provided by Irish Life Assurance plc.


AIB Guide to Investing

Getting started (what you need to know):


1. Know your level of risk and return

When choosing investment options for your money, it’s important to establish what sort of investor you are - this is based on your appetite for risk and the potential return you wish to achieve. You can then choose the product or products that suit you best. We rate the potential levels of ups and downs (the volatility) and the return for each of our options on a scale linked to your investment profile.

Complete our simple questionnaire to find out what sort of investor you are.


2. Understand the benefit of time

It’s important to think about how long you wish to invest for, and whether you will need access to your funds during the term of the investment. Generally speaking, you need to give your investment time to achieve its growth potential. Certain investments such as shares can give the best long-term potential, but are also a high-risk (volatile) investment - they can go up and down in value. And, over short periods, they can rise and fall by large amounts. However, it’s important to remember that nothing is guaranteed with investments.


3. Spread your money

In addition to giving your investments plenty of time, you can reduce risk by investing your money across a number of options. AIB has a broad range of options available, from deposit accounts to capital protected tracker bonds.


4. Expect the unexpected

It’s important to view your investment as a long-term growth opportunity for your funds, and to make sure you have access to money to cover your short or medium-term needs.

Help & Guidance

  • Complete our simple questionnaire to find out what sort of investor you are.

  • Our Savings Calculator has been designed with two separate calculators 'Target Savings' and 'Savings Growth.' Target savings will show you how to reach your goal and the savings growth will highlight how much saving regularly can add up too.

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Warning: If you invest in AIB Portfolio Invest you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Other Information

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is tied to Irish Life Assurance plc for life and pensions business. Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Irish Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.